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Understanding the Elements of Group Captives -Wendy Dine Strategic Risk Solutions

October 26, 2022

Live at the SIIA 2022 Engage Conference, we have our special guest Wendy Dine, Associate Director at Strategic Risk Solutions. They have been members of the Captive Insurance Committee within the SIIA for years. This has allowed her to help their sector of the industry and bring those companies together to really help control employer costs and to make sure that caps were being used properly as well. 

Strategic Risk Solutions has a very rich Learning Center on their website. Wendy says, "It's always changing and we want to make sure that we continue to make sure to keep them abreast of everything that is going on in the marketplace." Their goal in the group stop loss space is bringing consultants into the loop and really making sure that they understand what they're doing with their build of a group for their clients because they really have to educate their clients. She continues, "And I want to make sure that they understand every element of the group captive so that they're educated and knowledgeable and can share that properly because there is risk and reward but you have to understand how the program mechanics work."

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