The Granite List Live

Healthcare Ecosystems Created at Valenz Health

October 24, 2022

Live at the SIIA 2022 Engage Conference, we have our special guest Rob Gelb, CEO of Valenz Health. Rob tells us, "Valenz assists employers in identifying and accessing high quality care at a reasonable cost for their employee members and their dependents. In 2019, they launched what they called an ecosystem, which in the market that's what we were going to talk about in this episode of The Granite List LIve. Valenz is a healthcare ecosystem optimization platform.

Rob also talked about their ties to SIIA and why they have become a diamond sponsor. Sally asked him to talk about that relationship. Rob says, "Mike Ferguson, he's become a friend. Mike is an innovator, he's a listener, he's a creator, he's a collaborator. He's a person who brings people together. We saw that in 2019, and so 2020 we went all in and became a Diamond member. We've been a diamond member since. We continue to invest heavily in SIIA and the opportunities and the partnerships and the collaborative approaches that exist from that, I sit on the Diamond member board and that's truly exciting to me. 

Like-minded professionals who are really trying to make good and do good in this self-insurance face. They've been just a tremendous advocate and partner for us. They've allowed us to bring our brand to market and bring it to life and bring visibility to it along the way. We meet so many friendships and so many partnerships. It's really been exciting. Listen to the rest of this episode

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