The Granite List Live

Healthy Friction - Mary Kay Puckett, Alliance Insurance Services

November 2, 2022

Live at the SIIA 2022 Engage Conference, we have our special guest Mary Kay Puckett, Vice President of Employee Benefits at Alliant Insurance Services. She told our host, Sally Pace that friction with TPA partners is healthy. She says, "if there's friction, that's healthier because we represent the clients and we have to make sure that it is always within the client's best interest, whatever the decisions are." Her predictions for the near future include more emphasis on controlling the high dollar drug costs. Also, the focus on transparency helps control costs and make better decisions on health plans as companies consider working with us.

Sally asked Mary Kay about the trend in smaller groups seeking self-funding. Mary Kay says, "

Any group size can be self-funded. You just have to make sure you have the right reinsurance levels." Listen to this full episode of The Granite List Live, " 

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