The Granite List Live

Jeff Kelly Buckingham Self-Funded Solutions - Stop Loss Insurance and Gene Therapy

November 2, 2022

Live at the SIIA 2022 Engage Conference, we have our special guest Jeff Kelly, President at Buckingham Self-Funded Solutions. During this visit with host, Sally Pace, Jeff explains how gene therapy crosses over into stop loss. "Gene therapy translating into stop loss is the equivalent of profitability versus loss. As a stop loss carrier retaining a set threshold of risk and these gene therapy drugs coming out with the names that we have all heard, these million dollar price tags and such. I mean these are almost automatic claims to a stop so that these gene therapy drugs and the advanced biosimilar companies bringing in these cancer therapies and J codes, G codes, and every other code that we're about to become aware of. So bringing in cost contain measures stop-loss carriers are already acutely aware of this and they're already putting together solutions. So gene therapy is unfortunately here to stay. It will be evolving throughout the future." Learn more in this episode of The Granite List Live.

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