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Pooling Knowledge for Clients and Peers - Cassie Bachman Elevate Risk Solutions

October 26, 2022

Live at the SIIA 2022 Engage Conference, we have our special guest Cassie Bachman, Managing Director of Operations and Legal from Elevate Risk Solutions, LLC. 

Sally asked Cassie to explain what her role is at Elevate Risk Solutions. She talked about a specific client as an example, "For example, we have a client that manufactures concrete on a global scale. So I get to go and look and say, okay, what can we do to help them with their P&L? 

To help their profit and loss, we help them set up a captive. Then we also give them recommendations and ideas for things like medical stock loss, and workman's comp, which you can't do in a captive for various reasons but you can with a fronting company. Just things like that to help them. And they are so appreciative because their risk management is a big focus. And so it's exciting to go and a sense of joy and say, 'Okay, you're doing all of this. Let's see about these things. How do they help you?' So that's where I use my legal experience for various clients, for operations. I get to talk to all of the members of my company, and I like to know what they're doing. Finance, risk management, administration. And I try to help everyone tie together. So operationally, we have meetings, we have team meetings, and we touch base. Let's see, Hey, you're doing this with this client, but I'm doing this. We should know what we're doing at the same time. So I love people and I love working with people and I love my team. So helping all of them work together is great.

Cassie is also in a special group at SIIA. She leads the SIIA Future Leaders group. Members of the group are under 40 and are passionate about mentoring. Sally told her how exciting it is to watch this group reinvigorating the industry - the self-funded space. Cassie says, "What we wanna do is pool all of our knowledge and resources and help each other and be there for each other. So 20 or 30 years, you're gonna see so and so that you met at the future leaders and maybe you're doing business with them or maybe spot them in a room, and you feel less alone at a conference. Our goal is to make everyone feel welcome if they're of a certain age there."

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