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Plan Design: What’s Now and What’s Next?

Plan Design: What’s Now and What’s Next?

January 21, 2022

Benefit plan design on the Granite List podcast


Leigh and Sally sit down with two renowned thought leaders in the benefits space to discuss what’s new and what’s next for plan design. Allison DePaoli was awarded Top Women in Benefit Advising in 2019 and Ed Ligonde was named 2021 Broker of the Year by BenefitsPro. Here, they share their passion for bringing the right solutions at the right time to fit the growing challenges employers are facing. 


About our guests:

Allison DePaoli

Allison DePaoli is a business consultant working with employers who know they have a healthcare problem.

As the daughter and granddaughter of entrepreneurs – manufacturers, car and heavy equipment dealers, insurance! – Allison had a front-row seat on what it takes to run a business and manage risk. She routinely advises employers on how to both control their healthcare budgets and turn their benefit plans into recruiting and retention magnets.

She is also a sought-after speaker and the host of Raising The Bar with Allison De Paoli, a podcast designed to help CEOs and Executive Teams learn and leverage what their peers are doing successfully into their own businesses.

In 2017 Allison was a contributing author to the Amazon Best Seller Breaking Through the Status Quo and is a regular contributor to Employee Benefits News

Edwige Ligonde

Edwige (Ed) Ligonde assists in finding creative ways to blend plan design and cost, enhancing both employer and employee lives. 

Named 2021 Broker of the Year by BenefitsPRO, Ed's journey to success in the benefits space has been used as a model for others. He holds a deep belief in the value of personal connections and leveraging technology for the benefit of humans, rather than replacing them. 

Ed strives towards the goal that healthcare does not have to be what it has in the past, and by making collaborative partnerships we can change the benefits space for the better. In that world, we build businesses that are true partners and advocates for clients rather than having reactive, transactional relationships. 

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