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Predication of Health Problems Through Nurse Advocacy

Predication of Health Problems Through Nurse Advocacy

December 8, 2021


Think of nurse advocacy as a way to connect with all solutions for the plan member. Leigh and Sally's guest, Lauren Roberson Head of Nurse Advocacy for CHC says, "We sit in the middle of the circle to reach all the solutions so that plan members can get access to the things they need at the time to achieve the best outcomes helping them stay at work, feeling better, healthy, and feeling better at home." The question she answers is why would a company that has access to a nurse hotline want to pay for an additional nurse advocacy service? Learn how 30 minutes of true listening has saved lives in this episode of The Granite List Live, "Predication of Health Problems Through Nurse Advocacy".

About our guest:

After working in the fields of patience-centered home care and on the front lines of contracted nurse lines for some of the largest employers in the country, Lauren shifted her career to change the dialog – literally. She brings her deep nursing knowledge to the job each day, leading the nurse advocacy team at CHC. In her role, she helps connect the vendors that have been brought into the health plan by the broker, and steers employee engagement to ensure that plan members use the right resource at the right time for the best care possible.

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