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Communities Being Built In the Spirit of InstaPot and Quickbooks

Communities Being Built In the Spirit of InstaPot and Quickbooks

May 23, 2022

Leigh and Sally asked their guest, RD Whitney, what community means to him. He says, “Community is a home for an area that doesn't have a home. It's a sense of belonging.” This corporate internal community building is becoming very popular for nonprofits, associations, corporations, brands, and media event companies. It was substantially accelerated by the pandemic it's been around for quite a while. QuickBooks is used by a lot of accountants around the world. Their users got together because they can share best practices. The company that created QuickBooks and owns it to it, encourages that, and that community is stronger because people share. Think about a consumer community centering on a product - InstaPot - the most successful one-day launch on Amazon. Think of all of the loyalty and offshoots from the initial recipe community. Join us for this episode of The Granite List Live, “Communities Being Built In the Spirit of InstaPot and Quickbooks.”

About Leigh and Sally’s Guest:

RD Whitney is the Chief Community Officer at Chief Executive Group (CEG) and the Chief Operating Officer for the CFO Leadership Council (a CEG Community). 

For over 30 years RD has focused on creating b2b communities that connect buyers and sellers through the gravity of professional training, events, peer learning, and data. He has successfully developed media businesses in multiple sectors through conferences, trade shows, online training, virtual events, industry award programs, SAAS businesses, research, databases, validation, publishing, peer learning, online marketplaces, certification programs, and sponsored/membership businesses. RD has an impressive track record of building and growing b2b community assets and recurring revenue businesses to quickly realize new value for members, vendors and investors.

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